About Me

Hey Friend! I’m Jess, a Certified Eating Psychology Coach. This means I work with clients to heal their relationship with their bodies through scientifically backed nourishment, psychological work, and emotional healing. My clients range from having thyroid and hormonal imbalances to debilitating body image dysfunction they are desperate to overcome. For all cases, I employ my integrated system of healing, a WHOLE HEALING system, if you will: food, movement, and mindset. We must THINK healthy to BE healthy. That piece of the puzzle is severely lacking in our health care system (even the holistic health care system) and that is what I’m trying to fix. I practice integrative care that works to heal your body, mind, and heart; because I believe whole humans should be treated with whole care.

My Story


My story sounds like a lot of women’s story these days, one that starts with distorted body image and an all-consuming concern for her appearance, weight loss, and finding the “perfect” diet to fix all my woes. Fast forward to college where I was severely underweight, running marathons, and eating vegan because I thought that was the THING I was supposed to be doing. A few years later I’m diagnosed hypothyroid, haven’t had a menstrual cycle in years, my digestion feels like a losing battle, and my adrenals are in the toilet. Years of over-exercising, undereating (even on healthy whole foods), and having a debilitating body image eventually caught up with me. I was wholly exhausted.

I started reading about Weston A. Price and his principles of nutrient density and it clicked for me: the concept of viewing food as nutrients as opposed to something to control in order to manipulate my body shape. I researched and self-experimented my way to healing my hypothyroidism naturally, as well as restoring my adrenal function and balancing my hormones—without the help of modern medicine. I used an ancestral diet template, self-care, and psychological work and haven’t looked back since. Now, I work alongside women who are where I was, wholly broken, and help them piece themselves back together.

The Mission


I want to help women, everywhere, become more whole. Physically, mentally, and emotionally, I want to have the honor of walking alongside you to help ditch the social oppression of body standards and dogma diets, and find true nourishment that heals all parts of you.

My goal is not to prescribe another set of rules or dogma, but to bring you the information you need to make informed decisions on how best to find YOUR healing. I’m here to help, answer questions and bring you information YOU are looking for. Want to tell me what you’re looking to learn? OH PLEASE YES. Subscribe to my email list and we will get chatting. We will be friends, and you CAN sit with me.


Jess Facts:

  1. I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with the beach and all things ocean related.
  2. I was a dancer and performer for most of my life and will ALWAYS consider a dance party the best form of exercise.
  3. I decided to graduate a year early from Berkeley on a whim just because a man in my class told me it would be too hard and that annoyed me.
  4. I can sometimes be impulsive. (see above)
  5. I’m the .05% of the population that genuinely loves 100% dark chocolate.
  6. The dimple on my right cheek is WAY deeper than the one on my left….I don’t really know what happened there.
  7. I’m half Arabic, half Italian. Which means I’ve got fiery blood and good food in my genetics.
  8. I have a strong heart for women and helping them realize their worth outside of their appearance.

I am so blessed and excited to walk alongside you on your journey to wholeness!

Live Whole,